We have all seen hotel rates rise year after year after year. The cost of vacationing has at least doubled in the last 25 years. With vacation ownership, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money while on vacation.

For example:
Average hotel nightly rate - $150
Average lodging taxes - 13%
3 daily meals for 5 people -$150
Inflation rate - 3%

Future vacations - 25 years
Total cost for the 25 years of vacations -

and no equity

*This amount is based on a length of stay of seven days and a family of five renting two hotel rooms each night.
Average vacation ownership purchase - $15,000
Average annual maintenance - $600

Future vacations - 25 years
Family of 4-6 in a 2 bedroom condo -

plus growing equity in a real estate property and a deed and title that you can will, sell, or rent

Since most Westgate Resorts units come with fully equipped kitchens, our owners enjoy big savings in meals. They can bring their own groceries and have family meals in the comfort of their own villas.

Input your own financial criteria to determine if vacation ownership is right for you.

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With vacation ownership, you don’t have to cut in comfort to save money while on vacation.
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