Enjoying a vacation is more important today than ever before. Medical research indicates that taking just one week of vacation per year may help reduce stress related illness by as much as 35%.

It is a statistical fact that Vacation Owners choose to vacation more often, and the healthful benefits accumulate with each trip.

Last year 93% of timeshare owners took at least one week of vacation. Only 77% of regular travelers took a week-long vacation.

Howard Nusbaum, president of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), believes in the health benefits of vacationing. He states that everyone who works 51 weeks a year needs to take at least one week of vacation each year to relax and build strong family bonds. There are many health benefits from taking at least one week a year for vacationing. Many researchers feel that by making this one change, you could significantly reduce life-threatening stress.

Westgate Resorts timeshare owners vacation in high-quality Resort accommodations with lots of amenities, and they reap the benefits of both better health and savings.

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Westgate Resorts timeshare owners reap the benefits of both better health and savings.
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