Vacation Ownership is defined as an arrangement under which a purchaser acquires the right to use an accommodation and amenities for a specified period of time.

At Westgate Resorts we offer a 3 dimensional product. In addition to the right to use, our owners also enjoy the ability to take their ownership anywhere in the world through our exchange program. Most importantly, owners receive a deed and title to a property that they can pass on to their children and grandchildren.

With a Westgate Resorts ownership, not only will you be able to build unforgettable memories with your family, you will also be ensuring your family’s vacation memories for generations to come.

What Is Vacation Ownership?
Explore the possibilities of owning your own family fun spot!
Experience Westgate Vacation Ownership
Life is easier for our owners, find out why.
Why Own at a Westgate Resort
Westgate Resorts: Your best timeshare resort choice for a great vacation experience.
Explore the World
Our exchange network offers over 2,000 resorts in over 70 countries.
Discover the Value
With vacation ownership, you don’t have to cut in comfort to save money while on vacation.
Vacations Are Not a Luxury
Westgate Resorts timeshare owners reap the benefits of both better health and savings.
Become a Westgate Resorts Owner
Change the way you and your family take vacations and enjoy the comforts of home while saving money at the same time!
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